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 Rag's Rant: Ms. Shiegrist-Ragan

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PostSubject: Rag's Rant: Ms. Shiegrist-Ragan   Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:36 pm

To those who don't know her... or well, it, consider yourself lucky. Ragan, is The Emperor of all bitches. The Queen of ass-hats, the Ruler of Faggotry, and the Overlord of the crazies. You will never, EVER, meet someone more bat shit crazy than her. Jesus, the shit she says... does... is insanity! Every fuckin' day we have to listen to a conversation about "Oscar", her son. Who is probably a cat. But, by the off chance if it is a human being, it no doubt has sever mental retardation, and physical deformities. Now, this is only the first of a series of rants, and less of a rant as more of a hate fest, but, IT IS A WELL EARNED HATE FEST! For she must burn in the fiery depths of hell itself, and I must mount her head upon my wall, over looking my bed or fireplace. And so it is said

Edit: As it may have not been clear, "The Ragan" is an English teacher in my school.
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Rag's Rant: Ms. Shiegrist-Ragan
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