The House of Kadwynn

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 The Strife is a Lie

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PostSubject: The Strife is a Lie   Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:01 pm

According to Nange, I am but a poor old boogeyman forced to haunt children only in their minds.


Of course, it IS half true; I haunt children, but it is for real. But it is not a bad kind of haunt, it is a haunt in which they wish they could be me. For you see friends, I have integrity and do not resort to foul tactics to win an election. Do I badmouth Nange? Of course not. Sir Nangeus is a friend of mine, despite our political differences. I will admit it saddens me to be called a myth by him, but I will not let that stand in the way of my campaign.


~This message paid for, supported by, defined by, and used by the Jedonian party. Any misuse of this statement could wind you a huge sentence in jail. For serious. So, be a good servant to the crown of Tangora Kadwynn I and do not make illegal copies of this ad! ANY copying, even for personal use, is against house laws. And, since this message will show my true awesomeness and get me elected over Nange, I will kick your ass for misusing this message. That is all... Or is it? No, I just want you to think that. "All" will never truly be achieved. Your mind will continue to search for answers until the very end of your life. The truth is, most of these answers will never be found. And so my friends, that is the story of how the world began. Or is it? No, it really isn't. I just wanted you to think that. Oh, you want me to shut up now? Okay, I will... Still there? I knew you would be. You can not escape the call of Strife. I willed you to read this, so you read it. I am Strife. What's your name? Just kidding, I know your name. Or do I? That is for me to know and you to find out. Or will you? No, you probably never will now. And that is why Strife reigns supreme. Long live the king! Long live the king! But should he really live long? It can be argued that after a certain amount of time, one may wish to die. And if it truly is his wish, the king may die. In saying such, I may be considered a traitor to the House of Kadwynn. Ah well, that's life for you. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Actually, that sounds kind of good right now. Do you like lemonade? Of course, I in fact do know if you maybe won't possibly not like the anti-taste of the opposite square root of lemonade. Of course, getting the square root of a negative number is impossible. That is why you consult an "imaginary number", like the number i. The realm of i is in fact my own realm of which I reign supreme. You'll never go there. Or will you? No, you won't. Yup.... I think I'll finally shut up now. Or will I? Maybe I won't. I could keep typing infinitly. After all, I have the power to. Ah well, I guess I'll let you go now. Thanks for talking.
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The Strife is a Lie
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