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 Javen Tyron

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PostSubject: Javen Tyron   Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:21 pm

Nickname(s): Captain; Sir; Cap'n

Association(s): Republic Ordered Armed Forces; Captain; Former Republic Special Forces; Current Republic Special Activities Operative

Race: Human

Class: Soldier

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Hair: Buzz Cut; Dark Brown

Eyes: Sea Foam Green

Weight: 91.3kg

Height: 1.87m

Usual Garments/Armor: Republic Special Forces Armor - Captain Variant;
*Note - Clandestine operations may require Javen Tyron to wear any sort of attire.

Other: Standard Issue Republic Infantry Assault Rifle, Side Arm, Grenades, Slicing Device

Alignment: Lawful Good

Traits -
Communicative; Thoughtful; Cooperative; Inventive; Strong believer in independent thought and action; Dependable; Loyal; Introverted; Strong Moral Code; Fair-Minded; Hot-Headed at times; "Rebel"; Unpredictable

History: Born and raised on Coruscant in a middle-upper class family, father worked for the government in an urban planning and housing program, mother worked with private business. Attended

standard and mandatory schooling for youths for required years. Upon graduation, he enrolled in the elite Onsai Military Academy on Telos IV. He would meet his wife, a fellow Cadet at the Onsai

Military Academy and have one son before graduating top of his class and being commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Ordered Armed Forces. After his commission, Javen took part in the

most extensive and elite special forces training program in the galaxy - The Republic Elite Force Program. It is here where he learned both conventional and unconventional advance warfighter

strategy and tactics, air, sea, ground and space clandestine tactics, strategy and training, advanced unarmed combat, advanced close quarters combat, advanced marksmanship, advanced

demolitions, how to escape any holding bonds, cell or facility, slice heavily restricted computers, unlock heavily locked doors, EMT training, misc. medical training, operate, assemble and disassemble

the vast majority of known weaponry in the galaxy, airborne training, orbital training, spacecraft control, ground craft control and a long list of many other talents and skills. Upon completion of the

program, Javen Tyron was promoted to a Captain in the Ordered Armed Forces and was given command of a six man operational detachment that would take part in countless behind-the-scenes

operations. On the team's most daring and dangerous mission, they were ambushed and surrounded, it was at this point that Captain Tyron drew fire and attention, allowing his men to receive evac

and escape without any harm. Operating as a loner agent at this point, Captain Tyron went on to complete the mission, which was to assassinate prime military personnel and retrieve highly

sensitive military data which would then allow Republic forces at Ord Mantell to achieve a narrow victory due to lack of competent Sith command and Republic heroism. Javen Tyron was awarded the

Republic's highest medal, the Cross of Glory, making Captain Javen Tyron one of the most decorated officers of the war. After the ceremony, Javen Tyron was re-assigned as a loner special

activities agent who would conduct clandestine and unconventional warfare operations, as well as work along side G.Is in conventional warfare environments.
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Javen Tyron
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