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 Kanen Syrom

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PostSubject: Kanen Syrom   Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:56 pm

Character Full Name: Kanen Syrom


Association(s): The Jedi Order, Black Market Dealers, Sith members...


Class: Jedi Master



Hair: Short cut and black just over an inch in length.

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 190 lbs


Usual Garments/Armor: Black robes and a hood that normally hides his face.

Other: A double-bladed red light-saber, a normal blue saber, and another double-blades silver saber.


Personality: He wants to know what you can do for him, and what he can do for you in return. He is intelligent and capable of near anything. Unpredictable at times and certainly not your normal Jedi. He tends to anger easily and when not stopped can be prone to rage which is helpful in battle but can be extremely deadly in other places. This is of course from several sith rituals he went through and had mixed results from. If his mind is set to something however he will do all in his power to make it happen.

History: His place of birth is unknown as is most of his past. It is known however that he learned from both the Sith and the Jedi order. Obviously the latter before the former. He was with the Jedi Order until he was sixteen and had made Knighthood shockingly fast something the Council did not like and sensing disapproval from some of the other members of the Order he left. Their codes and laws feeling as if his humanity was being drained from him. He thought the sith may give him what he wanted. Staying with them for eight years however proved otherwise. He gained their tattoos and markings in some places as well as more scars from the training. In the end however he was almost given the title of sith lord before he disappeared from them as well.

After seeing how blood thirsty the sith were he looked to the Order again but hated the idea of being a near emotionless fool under the thumb of the ever controlling Jedi Order. His ideas obviously differed from most of the Jedi at the time placing him as a neutral piece until he found the Brigade and joined them. His powers were obviously useful as they contained both the light and darkside of the force, as well as knowledge of how to make lightsabers and ties to the Order through 'friends'. He also had ties to the underground markets and dealers that dwell within. His many acquaintances proved quite useful numerous times for information as well as arms and the occasional drugs needed to keep some people going. His abilities of course range from diplomacy, marketing, war, and interrogation...
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Kanen Syrom
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