The House of Kadwynn

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 Senator William Pourter

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PostSubject: Senator William Pourter   Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:42 pm

Character Full Name: William Tyron Pourter

Nickname(s): Will, Ty.

Association(s): Republic of Lordaeron, State of Strom

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Hair: Orange coloured hair which sits on the sides of his head with a bald spot in the middle, his head hair is accompanied by a goatee which he often strokes when he must ponder things of great justice.

Eyes: Light Blue

Weight: 289lbs.

Height: 6'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: Paladin gear for the most part, though he does tend to wear more casual attire when the mood strikes him.

Other: William weilds a giant hammer of righteousness.

Alignment: Lawfull Good

Personality: A kind-hearted fellow, William enjoys a good laugh now and then but it isn't always fun and guns with him as he is very serious about the law and is known for publicly executing offenders in his state of Strom despite several protests from the other states, their Senators and the Chancellor himself.

History: William was born in a resistance camp in what is know known as Strom, he was raised to fight, trained in the arts of combat and told to destroy his enemies without mercy. After the camp was over-run, William's parents and his friends were taken to work as slaves on the nearby farms, but William escaped. He travelled to a monestary in Northern Lordearon and learned the ways of the Paladin under Richford Von Thyll, a man who would become his closest ally. After completing his training, which was interrupted often by Undead attacks, he returned to Strom and freed the slaves in the farms, with those slaves at his back, fully armed with pitchforks and torches, he stormed Stromgarde, the stronghold of Strom. The battle was bloody, and it dragged on for several days, but William and his rag-tag army rose up as victors and claimed the region of Strom for Humanity. After hearing word of a similar victory by one Servesiun Ataelus, William set up a meeting with him, this meeting was to take place in the Monestary of Paladins with Richford and his men. After hours of debate, they all agreed to commit soldiers to driving the Undead away. The first combined effort was in North Lordearon, the Paladins, Mages and Warriors all banded together to take down the Undead Death Knight named Ruktir Wertinoff in the Undercity. This battle went fast, Ruktir and his Undead minions were no match for the numbers the Humans had mustered, after the fall of Undercity, other states began to rise up. William, Richford and Servesiun all made efforts to incorporate these states into the Republic they had formed and now today, the Republic of Lordearon stands as an example of Human strength, courage, and survivability.
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Senator William Pourter
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