The House of Kadwynn

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 Senator Servesiun Ataelus

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PostSubject: Senator Servesiun Ataelus   Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:42 pm

Character Full Name: Servesiun Ataelus

Nickname(s): Serv; Serves (pronounced Serve-es)

Association(s): New Republic of Lordaeron; Government of Pyrewood.

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Age: 63

Sex: Male

Hair: White

Eyes: Dark Blue

Weight: Slender

Height: 6' 2''

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually wears flowing robes, of royal and high standard colors, especially purples and blues. Does not use armor.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Servesiun is known for being a very wise individual. He only expresses his thoughts when he feels the need to. In the Senate, he is outspoken in his desire for peace, for the freedoms of the people, and for helping other nations. He follows the law strictly, and expects others to do the same. He is firm in his traditions, and is also a very loyal person.

History: (Undecided)
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Senator Servesiun Ataelus
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