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 Awesome Wizard (Placeholder)

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PostSubject: Awesome Wizard (Placeholder)   Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:50 am

Character Full Name: Awesome Wizard

Nickname(s): Fucking Amazing.

Association(s): Ex-Criminal, now man floating in space after being disconnected from his ship. He needs help.

Race: Arcane Magickz.

Class: Wizard

Age: 4,718

Sex: Male, but has been known to Cross Dress, if the mood strikes him, and to get out of sticky situations

Hair: Mohawk, with different colors of the rainbow. Glow in the dark.

Eyes: Mauve.

Weight: 4. Ounces. On Endor.

Height: 23 yards

Usual Garments/Armor:

Other: Loves to party with the wookie ladies.

Alignment: Not-so-chaotic Red. It's a new crayon color!

Personality: Known for his delicious attractiveness, which causes him to have a large ego. However, this ego is well deserved as he is a fucking amazing wizard.

History: He once killed a man in reno, just to watch him die. This is of course why he was arrested, and is now an ex-criminal. On his way to Kashykk, to party with some wookie ladies, his ship became under attack by the Flying Spaghetti monster. Pictured here:

Yes, he was touched by his noodly appendage. He then had to be disconnected from his ship, and is now floating in space.
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Rennac the Sly

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PostSubject: Re: Awesome Wizard (Placeholder)   Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:03 am

Uh... I'm scared. Especially if TOR somehow manages to make off of this POSSIBLE, God (Choco) Help Us.
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Awesome Wizard (Placeholder)
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