The House of Kadwynn

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 Senator Túron Vanyasaila

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PostSubject: Senator Túron Vanyasaila   Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:07 pm

Character Full Name: Túron Nólaheru Vanyasaila


Son of the Adûnabel - Called so by those who strongly revere Arsael/Wish to formally address or praise
Istar-Child - Called so by those who study magic
Élion - Called so by the Elves
Arthion - Called so by the people of North and South Lordearon and Pyrewood
Túdor - Called so by the people of Hillsbrad and Strom
Orhagar - Called so by Orcs
Torogarh - Called so by Trolls
Aradhel - Called so by the Undead
Vidar - Called so by the Dwarves
Raicaner - Called so by those upset by his marriage to an Elf/Very strong supporters of the High Council who dislike Túron

Association(s): The Republic of Lordaeron - Senator; South Lordearon - General

Race: Human (From the West)

Class: Warrior

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Hair: Long Brown Hair; Brown Goatee

Eyes: Sea Foam Green

Weight: 79.3786kg

Height: 1.7526m

Usual Garments/Armor: New Ertarian General's Armor

Other: Annúngil, the Western Star

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Steadfast; Intelligent; Leader; Wise; at times - Passionate; Courageous; Communicative; Thoughtful; Cooperative; Inventive; Strong believer in independent thought and action; Dependable; Loyal; Introverted; Strong Moral Code; Fair-Minded; Hot-Headed at times; "Rebel"; Unpredictable

History: Túron was brought from the West by Arsael. Many believe Túron is the son of Arsael, though in reality, Túron is the youngest grandson of Arsael. Túron, having wandered the first ten years of his life, quickly learned basic survival and stealth techniques and skills, making him adaptable to many enviroments. The latter ten years of his life was then focused on the art of war and politics when the founding of New Ertar came about and The Unifying War began. During The Unifying Wars, the young Túron proved himself a mighty warrior and leader, wielding Annúngil, the Western Star, the very blade of Arsael Elhim Vanyasaila the Númenel. Shortly after the war Túron met and fell in love with the High Elven Princess, Araweniel. Much to Elven and Human dismay, the two married in New Ertar. Despite Túron's past achievements and victories, this move caused him to fall from public affection and often be criticized for this action.

Despite his marriage to an Elf, Túron was made Lord-General of South Lordearon and Senator to the Republic of Lordearon and behalf of the High Council of New Ertar, thus putting him in a very high seat of power. Even in the recent months, however, the High Council and Túron have been at each other's throats, slowly stirring a rift and morphing two factions in South Lordearon...
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Senator Túron Vanyasaila
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