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 Zihais Bas-Tyra

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PostSubject: Zihais Bas-Tyra   Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:52 pm

Character Full Name: Zihais Bas-Tyra

Nickname(s): Zihais

Association(s): The Kingdom of Bas-Tyra

Race: High Elf

Class: Mage (Fire oriented)

Age: 342

Sex: Male

Hair: Long black hair, small goatee

Eyes: Jade

Weight: 157lbs

Height: 6'8

Usual Garments/Armor: Royal Elven Lord Regalia

Other: Zihais wields the "Golden Staff of Elven Lords" as he is the current Lord of Bas-Tyra. It has toned to his magic, and amplifies it at his will


Personality: TBA Razz

History: Zihais Bas-Tyra was a prince to Milamber Bas-Tyra, an expert swordsman and fire mage. He studied magical arts at a very young age and had quite a knack for it.

He could conjure a small flame in his palm within two months of his learning, and shoot fireballs within a year. After fifty years he had learned all his current master could teach him, and looked all over Bas-Tyra to find another, he thought there was none and gave up and taught himself a few tricks for about three years, till he found a new expert teacher, and he kept learning.

About two hundred and fifty years later, undead were attacking an elven village, and the King, Milamber, himself led an assault to combat the horde. The surprising small force of undead were ravaging the village, and Milamber and his men charged to rescue the villagers, and as soon as steel clashed, a horde of undead ran to surround Milamber and his men, and they were all defeated, once news of Milambers death reached the city, Zihais was immediately crowned king.

Zihais, now master of fire magic, and king of Bas-Tyra, swears to avenge his father and protect his people (the village was destroyed). He has led assaults to combat the invaders and hopes to establish a strong alliance with other states/empires to combat the horde and push them back to Northrend until every beast is destroyed.
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Zihais Bas-Tyra
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