The House of Kadwynn

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 High Warlord Tharon'ja

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PostSubject: High Warlord Tharon'ja   Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:06 pm

Character Full Name: Tharon'ja

Nicknames: The Curse Weaver, The Skull Splitter, Warlord

Association(s): The Kafurak Empire

Race: Troll

Class: Warlord, Witch Doctor

Age: 37

Sex: Male

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Weight: 292 lbs

Height: 7'7

Usual Garments/Armor: Traditional Troll Garb, Voodoo masks, Shrunken heads, the works.

Other: Tharon'ja wields a Trollish axe and carries with him on his belt a Troll Fetish, as the Trolls are a superstitious people, he keeps it to ward away bad spirits. He also has a staff which he sometimes brings with him, as it amplifies his Voodoo magic, although he can use it freely without it.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Tharon'ja is a strong leader, and is also very humorous, although his humor may be quite disturbing to other races besides the Trolls. He is also very cunning, and knows many battle tactics.

History: When the great Trollish Civil War was ongoing, the sides were at a standstill, Troll after Troll was slain and no side was gaining any ground, then came Tharon'ja. A mighty warrior, and powerful spell caster, Tharon'ja quickly began to turn the tide of battle for the Kafurak Tribe. Quickly, he was made their Chieftain, and then, ultimately the grand Warlord. He rules his people with a gentle fist, protecting them at all costs, but not ruling them without question. He is a kind and fair ruler, and does not mind the prospect of gaining an alliance with the other races of the world, but he is cautious.
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High Warlord Tharon'ja
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