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 Svast Arduos the Ravenholdt [In le Works]

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PostSubject: Svast Arduos the Ravenholdt [In le Works]   Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:58 am

Character Full Name: Svast "Ranth" Arduos, The Ravenholdt

Nickname(s): Lord/Sir Ravenholdt, “The Raven’s Clutch”.

Association(s): Ravenholdt, Hillsbrad

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Age: Mid 20’s/ Early 30’s.

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, flowing Brown
(Fabulous-Set Style)

Eyes: A soft blue

Weight: 178

Height: 6’9

Usual Garments/Armor:
A soft, yet classy black jacket is his normal appeal, followed by matching black-solid pants, and sometimes gloved. Never decked in mail or plate, and sometimes outfitted in civilians clothes, if the moment demands.

Other: Mastermind of the newly emerging Raven’s Brand; A spy network uncontainable, and rapidly expanding.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Calculating and relentless; sinister and grave, he is a born Thief, and his loyalty runs as quick as melting butter.

The Main Culprit to the following Guard Notice:
Original Origins remain unknown; Age estimated around mid 20’s, or early 30’s.
Notorious thief, bandit and Assassin. Sources say past freelancer, current ringleader to an unknown Association based near Hillsbrad. Investigations prove fatal to the investigators. Their bodies are never found. Countless reward for capture, preferred dead, due to past attempt at a proper Execution.

Little more information can be determined. He is a convict of high demand… wanted for personally robbing countless convoys, civilians, barracks, and countless others. Armed, aided, and a notorious serial killer. Was captured on only one occasion; Caught in the act of murdering a wealthy, yet unimportant, merchant of Midfuge Point, and was quickly engaged by ten men; Four men were the only ones left after the following struggle. He was then to be executed in Lordearon City, guarded by a force of twenty men. On an armed envoy to his execution, the group was waylaid by a mysterious group of unknown origins, killing his possessors, and undoubtfully enveloped him into their ranks. He has not been seen since.
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Svast Arduos the Ravenholdt [In le Works]
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