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 Harkonius Rigomortan Mandareal

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PostSubject: Harkonius Rigomortan Mandareal   Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:46 pm

Character Full Name: Harkonius Rigomortan Dimathreal

Nickname(s): Harkon

Association(s): Presently the Bas-Tyran Empire and the Undead.

Race: Human

Class: Necromancer

Age: 497, yet appears in his late twenties.

Sex: Yes, with men please.

Gender: Male

Hair: Light auburn

Eyes: They glow with a pale, inhuman blue.

Weight: I don't see how that's relevant. Thin. <<

Height: 6'1

Usual Garments/Armor: Varies greatly.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Erratic in every sense. He is confident in his immense power, and also bored with his long life. He has long since forgotten the joy that can come from love and other things mere mortals would take joy in. He finds his life vastly empty, he seeks things out, and tries new things, but nothing has made him whole. He is often frustrated by the fact that he, a god in his own mind would be foiled in a matter seeming so trivial. He is not cruel, but he is not kind, he has emotions detached and alien to humans. Everything he does is on a whim for he has nothing to drive him. His life is empty, dry, gray. He does not always do evil acts, he will often do good deeds as well, but his current status leaves him little opportunity to do so. Besides, what he deems evil, and what others deem evil, are two entirely different things.

History: Harkon's early life is a bit cloudy, but generally it occurred like this: His people were a small bunch, living far to the south of Strom. His father was harsh, his mother stupid, and his sister was raped by the raiders that regularly pillaged their village. He sought to escape this, he fled, as any sane person would. He found the next few years to be ones of hardship, but somehow he wandered into the Lordaeron landmass, where he was discovered by elves.

The elves were a merciful people and fed him and gave him shelter. They didn't know what to expect of him, though until he matured he did look semi-elvish, but of course minus the pointy ears. He does not remember exactly how it happened but some how he learned the knowledge of how to cast a spell. He tried for a time to get it right, as the instruction was quite vague, however when he did his vast will unleashed it catastrophically. After that, he and the elves parted way, the elves traveled southward to try to discover Harkon's people and Harkon moved north learning magic from those he visited along the way on his journey to Bas-Tyra. After five years, he had reached Bas-Tyra. He was captivated by the speeches of those who were soon to be exiled, and joined them.

They accepted him, ignoring his foreign characteristics. After about 20 years, he discovered in his research a method of soul absorption. He hid this from the other necromancers, knowing that some were greedy and would abuse it and perhaps enslave him. Harkon noticed himself becoming old. So 5 years later during the attack on Bas-Tyra he used it, just a bit, he used it on four guards. He used the power to lengthen his lifespan and revert his self to an earlier age. Knowing that this would obviously give away that he knew of such power, he faked his death and rejoined the necromancers as an initiate. He repeated this process many times over the next 400 years.

When the humans were enslaved, he found that their souls were potent in will, but were less attuned to magic. So he took the souls of both elves and humans. He absorbed so much, because these humans appeared to be a free resource whom nobody would care if they died or disappeared, that he was able to achieve amazing power and gain indefinite youth and life.

He realized that his life was always the same, a repeat. When slaves would talk to him, thinking he were their kin, they would speak of a possible rebellion. He was excited at this concept - it would make his life so much more interesting. So he would disguise himself as a human slave and spread talk of rebellion throughout the human populace and also gave them hope by providing food and less worn clothing. After the human rebellion, he wished to immerse himself in their politics and their affairs, and found that with his magical talent it would be easier to do so through Bas-Tyra, so he was able to influence elves with mind-effecting magic and was able to become a high adviser to the Elven Emperor. He now sits, grinning at the bloodshed and studying the human behavior. But still his life has a gaping void that he seeks to fill.
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Harkonius Rigomortan Mandareal
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