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The year is 37 Post-War (PW). The world has been ravaged by a nuclear holocaust, wiping out nearly all habitable lands except for the most undeveloped countries. It is these countries that the Initiative for Humanity's Survival, a collective group of five of the most powerful corporations (Dahl, Tediore, Jakobs, Atlas and Hyperion), constructed the greatest urban center the world has ever seen, City One.

Let's go back five years before the nuclear holocaust. The bloodiest and largest war the world has ever seen had just ended, the victor only stumbling it's way out of the fray rather then a triumphant return from the battlefield. Nations that once stood as the pinnacle of civilization were now near third-world nations with little to show for their past glories. Not only this, but a new virus had spread, and rapidly. It effected neurons with the brain and drove the victim into complete mania before death.
To take care of this, Atlas, the world's largest pharmaceutical developed and mass produced a vaccine, selling it a very low and affordable price. This brought Atlas even more world reknown and power in the national play of politics, allowing it stand along side the weapons-manufactoring giants Jakobs, Tediore and Hyperion, as well as the agricultural-research and production company, Dahl.

Old war-tensions sparked, and one political conflict lead to another. With no powerful militaries to combat one another, the countries relied on the only arsnel they had left, their nuclear warheads. Thousands of warheads bombarded the surface of the planet, nearly destroying all life.

But there was yet hope for humanity...

The companies, as if predicting such an event, rallied together and formed the Initiative for Humanity's Survival and under former Atlas Executive and Hyperion CEO, Patrick McElroy, constructed the largest urban metropolis the world has ever seen in the only unaffected part of the world. The city was constructed in a mere two years and the companies did what they could to rally any human life they could find to it.

Though, the Initiative quickly dissolved ten years after the city was completed. Patrick McElroy fell ill with the virus that lingered from the post-war era and shortly died. The Initiative, now leaderless, fell into the hands of Dahl, which had become the powerhouse of the companies. However, Dahl was infiltrated and nearly internally destroyed by Metrova Specialized Defense, specifically, Richard Makinen. This brought about the complete melt down of the staggering Initiative, permantely dividing the companies.
A cold war has begun between the companies, with Hyperion dominating the playing field with Metrova Specialized Defense under their control.
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JA Storyyyyyyyyyy
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